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RECIPE - Honey Buck Cocktail

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Bee Local Honey Water is one of the healthiest and most versatile sweeteners available. Made with raw, unfiltered American Wildflower honey, fresh Oregon water, and a sprinkle of Jacobsen Pure Kosher Sea Salt, Bee Local Honey Water adds a bright layer of nuanced flavor to just about anything. 

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, we had Chef Anthony Cafiero whip up a delicious, new Honey Water Cocktail recipe, and named it Honey Buck. Find the recipe below and take advantage of special Bee Local Honey Water pricing, now through 5/5- use discount code HONEYBUCK to get Bee Local Honey Water for $5.50! 

 Honey Buck Recipe


  • Shake Vodka, Honey Water and Lemon Juice in a cocktail shaker with ice
  • Strain into a highball glass with a few nice ice cubes in it
  • Add Ginger Ale till the glass is full, garnish with Fresh Mint




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