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SALT COAST SUPPERS: Chef BJ Smith of Smokehouse Tavern

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Each month we invite one of our most ardent Jacobsen Salt Co. and Bee Local chef supporters out to the Jacobsen Saltworks on the Oregon Coast. We tour the saltworks and harvest salt, visit our friends at Community Supported Fishery just down the road in Garibaldi to pick up fresh seafood, cook a beautiful family style supper back at the beach house, drink delicious Oregon craft wine and beer, and end the night with a bonfire. The pictures below document the occasion.

In April we invited Chef BJ Smith, Executive Chef/Owner of Smokehouse 21 and Smokehouse Tavern in Portland out to the Oregon Coast. BJ is one of the most talented, down-to-earth, funny and beloved chefs in the Portland culinary community, and beyond. He worked previously at Le Bernardin, Gotham Bar & Grill, Paley’s place, Veritable Quandary, and Olea. He partners with local farmers and artisan purveyors like Jacobsen Salt Co. and Bee Local to create familiar but seasonal smokehouse dishes. Thanks to BJ for his support and for the incredible meal. Cheers.

-The Jacobsen Salt Co. and Bee Local Team

Photos by Damian Magista


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