Back Pocket Pasta by Colu Henry

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We hope that our hand-harvested sea salts, and single-origin honeys, along side this beautiful cookbook will inspire you to get back into the kitchen, and cook, eat, and live well - every day.
- The Jacobsen Salt Co. Team


Colu Henry knows her way around the kitchen. Colu recognizes that good food and good meals have a place in every home and on every table.

Colu was the Director of Public Relations at Bon Appétit, where she eventually became the Director of Special Projects. She played a big role in helping Bon Appétit transform into the world's most dynamic and radical food-lifestyle brands today. Her love for food, fashion and art is apparent in everything she does and everything she is a part of. 

Colu's writing can be found in Refinery29, Cherry Bombe, Wine Enthusiast and in her new cookbook, Back Pocket Pasta

BACK POCKET PASTA is an inviting cookbook with vibrant, approachable recipes. Colu's book shows how a well stocked pantry and a few seasonal ingredients, plus simple ingredients such as store bought pasta, can come together to make a great weeknight meal. 

 Get your book signed by Chef & Author Colu Henry at our southeast Portland headquarters:

Saturday April 1st. 12pm - 2pm    602 SE Salmon St, Portland OR. 97214

Jacobsen Salt Co. is excited to be apart of Colu Henry's pantry. We asked her a few questions about her book and her kitchen habits:

Jacobsen Salt: Off the top of your head, what is the easiest way to elevate a meal? For those nights after a long day, what is the easiest thing to do to make a simple dish, just that much better? 

Colu Henry: Good food doesn't have to be complicated. Use high quality ingredients and prepare them simply. If you buy good quality oil and shop seasonally, you're already on your way to a good dinner. Having Jacobsen salt on hand doesn't hurt either. 

Jacobsen Salt: Your book has multiple mentions of Jacobsen Salt Co. and a couple pictures with Jacobsen product. Why Jacobsen? What is it about Jacobsen Salt Co. that makes you choose them and their product- especially to include them in your book?

Colu Henry: I lived in Portland, Oregon for a spell and it's where I had Jacobsen Salt for the first time. I love the quality and concept of the product. I'm also a big believer in supporting small, local businesses. In short, it's just the best.

Jacobsen Salt: Do you think Jacobsen Salt Co. has a place in every kitchen? We have been told on numerous occasions that Jacobsen Salt Co. products are only used for special occasions, but we would love for our products to be an everyday product, in every kitchen.

Colu Henry: I certainly do! I finish my dishes with flaky salt. It provides great texture and seasoning. Also, I'm a big fan of the flavored salts. They provide an easy way to take every dish to the next level. 

Get your book signed by Chef & Author Colu Henry and ask her your own questions at our southeast Portland headquarters, on Saturday April 1st.
12pm - 2pm  602 SE Salmon St, Portland OR. 97214

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