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Portland Juice Co.'s Healthy Margarita with Bee Local Honey

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Portland Juice Company Healthy Margarita w/ Bee Local High Desert Honey

Portland Juice Co.'s Healthy Margarita with Bee Local Oregon High Desert Honey

Thank you to Portland Juice Company for sharing this fantastic recipe with us. We know you'll enjoy it too! 


1/4 medium sized jicama
2 small limes
1 tangerine
1 cup spinach
1 tsp of Bee Local Oregon High Desert honey
Jacobsen Kosher Sea Salt


Peel jicama and citrus by slicing the contours of each piece with a sharp knife. Slice jicama, limes, and tangerines into pieces small enough to fit into your juicer. Put jicama, limes, tangerines, and spinach into the juicer. Once juice is collected, stir in Bee Local Oregon High Desert honey. Pour Jacobsen Kosher Sea Salt into a mortar and pestle. Mash until fine (about 30 secs). Transfer to small plate or saucer. Use extra lime wedge to wet the rim of your favorite glass and dip into salt. Pour your Healthy Margarita into your freshly salted glass and enjoy! 

    The Healthy Margarita goes best with Yacht Rock, so put on your best whites and head to Margaritaville. 

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