Frozen Salty Dog

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The key to a neither watery or cloyingly sweet frozen cocktail begins the night before you celebrate. By simply clearing out an ice cube tray or two just for frozen beverages (smoothies as well as mixed drinks), you’ll never add ice to blended drinks but still arrive at that icy, brain-freeze-inducing consistency summer beverages are made of. Since we’re celebrating our tenth spin around the sun, we wanted to create a salty, cool down cocktail, worthy for these late summer lawn lounges.

Recipe and photos by: Kourtney Paranteau

Makes 2 cocktails



Rim two of your favorite thick walled, large glasses with Jacobsen Salt Co. Pure Kosher Sea Salt and set aside. Next, in a blender, stack frozen ingredients evenly throughout the base and pour vodka and Jacobsen Salt Co. Honey Syrup over the top. Ease your way from the lowest setting to the highest until the blended cocktail is able to circulate within the blender on its own. Carefully pour the slushee into each rimmed glass, being mindful not to disturb the salt, garnish with edible flowers and serve immediately with a straw.

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