Turkey Brine with Pure Kosher Sea Salt

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Whether you plan to roast, grill, smoke or deep fry your turkey, taking the time to brine your bird will bring extra flavor and ensure that the meat is tender and moist. The recipe below may need to be doubled depending on the size of your turkey, as it is important that the turkey is completely submerged in the brining solution. 



Prepare your turkey by removing the bag of innards and the neck and set aside for gravy.

Bring 4 quarts of water to simmer and add all ingredients. Simmer on medium heat until the salt has dissolved completely. Let brining solution cool completely before submerging turkey.

If short on time, only bring 2 quarts of water to a simmer and follow the above steps. Add the brining solution to 2 quarts of ice water to help accelerate the cooling process.

For a turkey between 8–14lbs, brine for 24 hours. For a turkey 14+ lbs, brine for 36 hours. Make sure the turkey is fully submerged in brining solution before covering and placing in the refrigerator.

After the brining period, remove the turkey and discard the brining liquid. You can now prepare your turkey using your favorite cooking method.

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