Chef Karl Holl's Caramelized Onion Grilled Cheese

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Chef Karl Holl, chef, butcher, and forager extraordinaire added his flair to the classic grilled cheese sandwich for our staff meal this week. From hand-churned butter to fresh caramelized onions and a sprinkle of Infused Black Garlic Salt, he taught us how to turn this simple, comfort food, into an elevated, and delicious meal. We hope you enjoy as much as we did! 

Yields: 4 Sandwiches



Take a medium sized pan with a lid, on a medium heat, add butter. Once butter has melted, add the sliced onions, stirring to coat with butter. Cover with a lid. Let onions steam for about 5-8 minutes with lid on, stirring occasionally. Once onions are translucent remove lid and add Jacobsen Salt Co. Infused Black Garlic Salt. Keep cooking onions on medium-low heat until caramelized to desired color. If the onions get a bit burnt it’s ok to add a splash of water to stop the burning- make sure to stir often.

Remove the onions from the heat and begin assembling the grilled cheese. Using a cast iron pan over medium low heat add slices of bread, buttered side down, followed by two slices of cheddar cheese. Over the cheese spread an even layer of of caramelized onions, and finish building the grilled cheese by topping with the next slice of bread, buttered side up. Let brown on each side, about 3-5 minutes, until G.B.D. (golden brown and delicious).

We dipped our sandwiches in mustard for an extra little kick. Enjoy!

Big thanks to Chef Karl for the delicious meal! 

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