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Cucumber Honeydew Aqua Fresca

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Squeeze the last bits of summer with this fruity and refreshing Aqua Fresca. This was a favorite at our recent staff lunch. In addition to celebrating summer fruit and vegetables it features honey and ghost chili, to give it some bite! A fun way to beat the heat. 


6 large cucumbers 
1 large honeydew melon 
4 limes (zest and juice separated) 
6 oz Bee local Honey Water
1 tbsp Jacobsen Ghost Chili Salt


    First well trim the rind from the honey-dew melon. Trim about an inch off each end of the melon so it has an even surface to stand on.

    Then, starting with your knife about 1/4” inch under the rind using an arching slicing motion to carefully peel away the skin leaving the juicy flesh. Once all the outer skin is removed, cut the melon in half and scoop out the seeds.

    Cut the melon into chunks that will fit into your juicer. Next well give the cucumbers a rinse and cut them into shapes that will fit into our juicer as well, leaving seed and skins, this will help us achieve a nice light green color.

    Now were ready to push everything through the juicer. In a large mixing bowl we can whisk in the honey water and lime juice.

    *If you don't have a juicer you could blend all the fruit together and then using a fine mesh strainer to remove all the pulp, leaving a nice aqua fresca consistency.

    For the salt rim mix together the lime zest and ghost chili salt and place the mixture on a small flat plate. Take the glass you'll use and dip about 1/4” of the rim into the juice mixture and then roll the rim into the salt mixture. add ice and top with aqua fresca.





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