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Canister Duo

Re-stocking your pantry just got a little easier! This duo of Pure Italian Fine Sea Salt and Kosher Sea Salt Canisters are here for your everyday cooking needs. 

    Note: this product has a quantity limit of 3 per order.


    Pure Italian Fine Sea Salt: Net Wt. 1.8lb (816.466g)
    Pure Kosher Sea Salt: Net Wt. 1lb (453.59g)


    Pure Italian Fine Sea Salt: Trapani, Italy
    Pure Kosher Sea Salt: Netarts Bay, Oregon


    This product has a maximum order quantity of 3 each per order. For bulk or wholesale purchasing, please reach out to Thank you!

    Recommended Uses
    Bright and briny, this versatile ingredient is our finest, most uniform grain.




    Know The Grain

    We believe in great salt every day. Whether you are an experienced chef or just starting out in the kitchen, knowing how to stock your pantry with the right ingredients is essential. We’ve gotten granular on when and how to use our different types of salt to best fit your needs.

    Oregon Made-icon Oregon Made
    Pure Flake Sea Salt

    Our largest grain, with pyramidal-shaped flakes that are bright and briny, with a delicate texture and crunch. Our flake finishing salt is perfect for finishing any dish before serving, savory or sweet.

    Bright & Briny-icon Bright & Briny
    Pure Kosher Sea Salt

    Coarser-grained, naturally formed-salt crystals with a delicate, fluffy texture and a clean, briny flavor. This salt is perfect for everyday cooking, roasting, brining, pickling, and seasoning.

    Italian Sea-icon Italian Sea
    Pure Fine Sea Salt

    Our Pure Fine Sea Salt is our finest grain, consisting of small, uniform crystals with a clean, bright salinity. This fine sea salt is a versatile ingredient used for cooking, baking, and seasoning.