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Jacobsen Salt Co.'s sea salts and single-origin honeys are quickly becoming the go-to choice for chefs, ingredient-focused food processors, natural grocers, and specialty retailers across the country. Our renowned pure sea salts have a delicate texture with a very clean, briny flavor and no bitter or astringent aftertaste. Our single-origin honeys and honey products are produced and sourced with the most sustainable and transparent methods available. 

In addition to an extensive assortment of pure and infused sea salts, pure honeys, and honey sauces, we also produce and distribute a line of salty confections, cocktail salts, spice mixes and seasonings, and pantry staples items.

Core Bulk Products available:

Pure Flake Sea Salt (17.6oz Chef Jar and 5lb. Chef Bag) - Our American made, signature Flake Finishing Sea Salt has a delicate texture and a clean and briny flavor. It is quickly becoming the flake finishing salt of choice for the world's best chefs and food processors.

Pure Fleur de Sel - Kosher-certified (10 lb. Bulk Bag) - After 5 years, we are now not only making salt, but curating other high-quality, premium sea salts from around the world. In Central America, we found our first ever partner saltmaker! We plan on expanding this program in the future to source and distribute more salts from around the world that are worthy of the Jacobsen Seal of Approval.

This particular salt is harvested by a 40+ year old company from an area known to supply the Ancient Mayans with their salt needs. It is hand-harvested, and then dried and processed to our exact specifications. Meaning it is drier than normal fleur de sel and easier to use in the kitchen or on the production line. The flavor is also very clean, with a little more minerality than our Oregon-made sea salt. It also has slightly smaller grain size.

Bee Local Single-Origin Honey - The most trusted, transparent, and delicious honey available in 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon and 3000lb increments. Perfect for chefs, food service, or quality-focused food processors. Visit to learn more.

Consumer Products available:

Our entire stable of consumer products is available at wholesale prices for retailers and large quantity purchases. We do have minimum case quantities and look forward to working with you!

To request a wholesale catalog or to place an order, please email