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There’s classic candy, and then there’s classic candy. We didn’t invent this. And we sure as heck aren’t claiming to have perfected it. But we did take a swing at bringing a modern touch to a much-loved sweet. Taking advantage of unique partnerships with hyper local, non-commercial beekeepers that employ sustainable practices, Bee Local honey highlights the true nuances (terroir in wine speak) of various Oregon micro regions. With this as a base, we blend in crushed peanuts and a sprinkling of our pure flake sea salt. Add in some decidedly low-tech manufacturing—the technical term is “elbow grease”—and the resulting candy has a mellow, near-savory nuttiness, complete with deep honey flavor and a pleasingly firm chew. No disrespect to the candy you may have grown up on, but this is a whole other bite of honey. 

We are proud to feature the honey of Bee Local, our partner company, in this candy. Their mission is to produce and source the healthiest, most flavorful honey, while supporting sustainable beekeeping. Two elemental ingredients, salt and honey, aligned in a satisfyingly rich combination.

7 ounces. Includes 24 pieces. 

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