Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Ordering

How long does it take for an order to ship?

Where do I find my order number?

Only some of my order came in - what does that mean?

Where can I find your products in my area?

Do you ship outside the United States?


What is the difference between Pure Flake, Grinding Salt, and Kosher Salt?

Where does the salt come from?

Why is this salt different from other salt?

Is your salt iodized?

How do you make the salt into crystals?

What about pollutants in the salt?


Are Bee Local and Jacobsen different companies?

Where does the honey come from?

Is your honey kosher?

Is your honey organic?

Why does my honey look different than the photo or the last jar I ordered?

What does ‘single origin’ mean?

Most people just use honey for tea. How can I cook with it?


Why would I buy pollen?

Does the pollen need to be refrigerated?

I’ve heard that some people are very allergic to bee pollen itself, should I be worried?


Do you offer tours?

Are your items gluten free?