Golden Popcorn with Honey Drizzle

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Turmeric fingers are the new Cheeto fingers. Born from our collaboration with Diaspora Co., this Golden Popcorn recipe will surely be your new snacking staple. The combination of our Raw Carrot Flower Honey or Hot Honey Sauce and Turmeric Popcorn Seasoning helps this recipe tick all the boxes: Sweet, salty, savory, mmm. 

Makes approximately 15 cups



Cook popcorn kernels as directed, either in a popcorn maker or over a stovetop (the Jacobsen office loves an air popper). Pour melted ghee over hot popcorn, sprinkle with Turmeric Popcorn Seasoning, then toss to coat evenly. Continue to season to your liking. We like our popcorn to have a light yellow hue. For that subtle sweetness, drizzle our Raw Honey over popcorn to finish. Now get snacking.

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