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Jacobsen Salt Co. creates salt and premium pantry staples that transform the way people cook and experience food. Founded in 2011, we harvest salt from the cold, pristine waters of Netarts Bay on the Oregon Coast to create a bright, briny, and crunchy salt that is a reflection of this bay and our attentive salt making process.

It All Starts in the Bay

Netarts Bay, Oregon

Not all saltwater is the same. Founder, Ben Jacobsen, tested 27 sites all along the Washington and Oregon coasts before landing in Netarts Bay, just south of Tillamook, Oregon. This spot was chosen specifically because of its bright salinity, thanks in part to the number of oysters in the bay that act as a natural filter.


Provide the finest elemental cooking ingredients and kitchen staples that inspire people to cook, eat, and live well, every day.


We believe that taste, texture, and color are what make a great salt. Though produced naturally, it takes a special process to extract and create salt the way that we do. From our proprietary drying process to hand grading every batch, we take great pride in bringing you salt that is truly exceptional; bright and briny, with a delicate crunch and no bitter aftertaste–a crystallization of craft and care that will bring out the best in every meal.

How Our Salt Is Made

Grounded in Craftsmanship

Salt Harvesting 101

Take a closer look inside our saltworks to see what it takes to bring you this elemental ingredient in its most exceptional form.

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