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There's a wide variety of salt on the market these days, making it overwhelming to know how to choose the best salt. Whether you are an experienced chef or just starting out in the kitchen, knowing how to stock your pantry with the right ingredients is essential. We've broken down our different varieties of salt below to help you choose the one that best fits your needs.

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Flake Finishing Salt

These pyramidal shaped flakes are bright and briny with a delicate crisp texture; perfect on savory and sweet dishes alike. Use our finishing salts at the end of the cooking process to add bursts of salt and texture to items like grilled steaks, seared fish fillets, sautéed vegetables, or cookies. Think of this as a topping salt.


Pure Kosher Sea Salt

Our Pure Kosher Sea Salt is the workhorse in your kitchen. This salt has a delicate, small-grained texture similar to a flour de sel. It's perfect for everyday use and can be used for seasoning, brining, baking, boiling, pickling, or as a finishing salt . Kosher salt is excellent for using during the cooking process.


Coarse Ginding Sea Salt

We hand harvest and hand-sort all of our sea salts, taking care to separate out the largest and most coarse salt crystals. These crystals not only have our signature flavor, but also perfect for the grinder or pretzels. Perfect for people who love to grind their own salt for added crunch and texture.


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Black Garlic Salt

Fermented garlic drops a flavor bomb of sweetness matched with savory notes of caramelized garlic. This salt enriches the earthy flavors of sautéed mushrooms,  perfectly seasons duck, and adds depth to a classic tomato salad. Use this salt for cooking or as a finishing salt. 


Black Pepper Salt

Combining the perfect mix of cracked pepper and pure flake sea salt, this salt's warm floral spice is perfect for dishes like salt and pepper squid, steak-fries, or baked potatoes with butter, sour cream and chives. Use this salt for cooking or as a finishing salt.


Cherrywood Smoked Salt

Cold smoked with natural cherrywood from Hood River, Oregon, this salt's delicate, smoky notes are perfect with cured or grilled salmon, pulled pork, simple green salads, or peaches with crème fraîche. This infused salt works best as a finishing salt. 


Garlic Salt

Fresh garlic makes this versatile salt work across a multitude of simple dishes – from warm dinner rolls with butter to crispy fingerling potatoes, grilled and sauteed vegetables, or classic roast chicken. Use this salt for cooking or as a finishing salt. 


Rosemary Salt

Herbal and citrus notes, combined with hints of pine and tea leaf, pair perfectly with  grilled or roasted lamb, stewed Tuscan kale, fried potatoes, or whole-wheat focaccia. Use this salt for cooking or as a finishing salt.  


Basil Salt

This classic herb flavor is a mix of sweet and savory with a hint of pepper. Sprinkle this salt over fresh mozzarella and heirloom tomatoes in a caprese salad or add to brighten a bowl of pasta. Use this salt for cooking or as a finishing salt. 


Chili Lime Salt

Infused with arbol chilis, lime, cayenne, and paprika, this salt combines savory spices with a touch of tartness. Chili Lime Salt pairs nicely with watermelon, grilled corn, or pork tenderloin. Use this salt for cooking or as a finishing salt. 


Ghost Chili Salt

Ghost Chili salt adds a potent, pleasant, and lingering heat to brighten fried chicken, fresh grapefruit and red onion salsa, flank steak, or any citrus based cocktail. Use this salt for cooking or as a finishing salt. 


Habanero Salt

With a mild heat and earthy bitterness, this salt adds spice and zip to grilled sweet corn, pork carnitas, or summer melon and will elevate a dessert like watermelon sorbet. Use this salt for cooking, cocktails or as a finishing salt. 


Pinot Noir Salt

Notes of vanilla and sweet red fruit pair with earthy tones to perfectly finish braised beef, roasted beets, pasta with marinara, or summer berries with burrata. This infused salt works best as a finishing salt.


Lemon Zest Salt

This salt's clean, concentrated citrus flavor brightens dishes like shaved fennel salad, fried artichoke hearts, zucchini bread, or any preparation of sea food. This infused salt is best as a finishing salt and works nicely on baked goods.


White Truffle Salt

Infused with Italian white truffle and white truffle tincture, this decadent salt adds that powerful aromatic flavor to dishes like seared beef tenderloin, popcorn, or grilled asparagus. This infused salt works best as a finishing salt.


Vanilla Bean Salt

Familiar, sweet and malty with hints of molasses, and dark brown sugar, our Vanilla Bean salt enhances seared scallops, sliced pears with walnuts, summer berries with ice cream or salty honey pie. This infused salt works best as a finishing salt.

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Coffee Salt

Infused with Stumptown coffee, wake up your taste buds with a salt that shines in a cowboy steak rub or sprinkled over crème brûlée. This salt features nicely with roasted root vegetables, vanilla ice cream and works best as a finishing salt. 


Chocolate Salt

This pairing of rich Guittard chocolate and our hand-harvested sea salt makes a sweet and cozy topping for anything from ice cream and brownies to a delicious mole sauce or bowl of chili. This infused salt works best as a finishing salt.


Whiskey Salt

Infused with Uncle Nearest 1956 Whiskey, this salt has  warm, caramel tones and spicy bite. Use it to top fresh stone fruit, oatmeal raisin cookies, baked potatoes or your favorites meats. This infused salt works best as a finishing salt.