Your guide to all our salts and seasonings.


We believe in great salt every day. Whether you are an experienced chef or just starting out in the kitchen, knowing how to stock your pantry with the right ingredients is essential. While there’s a variety of salt to choose from today, we’ve gotten granular on when and how to use different types to best fit your needs. Our guide below shares information on each of our salt types and flavors to make cooking easy.

Texture Guide

Pure Flake Sea Salt-image

Pure Flake Sea Salt


Pure Flake Sea Salt

Our Pure Flake Sea Salt is our largest grain, with pyramidal-shaped flakes that are bright and briny, with a delicate texture and crunch. Harvested from Netarts Bay on the Oregon Coast, this salt is perfect for finishing any dish before serving, savory or sweet.

Crispy Potatoes
Caramel Turtle Truffle Tart
Roasted Strawberries Flake Sea Salt
Pure Kosher Sea Salt-image

Pure Kosher Sea Salt


Pure Kosher Sea Salt

Our Pure Kosher Sea Salt consists of coarser-grained, naturally formed-salt crystals with a delicate, fluffy texture and a clean, briny flavor. Harvested from Netarts Bay on the Oregon Coast, this salt is perfect for everyday cooking, roasting, brining, pickling, and seasoning.

Cured Egg Yolks
Quick Pickles
Beet-Cured Salmon Gravlax
Pure Fine Sea Salt-image

Pure Fine Sea Salt


Pure Fine Sea Salt

Our Pure Fine Sea Salt is our finest grain, consisting of small, uniform crystals with a clean, bright salinity. Harvested from open-air salt ponds fed by the Mediterranean Sea in Trapani, Italy, this salt is a versatile ingredient used for cooking, baking, and seasoning.

Fluffy Everything Pita Clouds
Cavatelli with Caramelized Black Tomato Sauce
Italian Panzanella Salad

Infused Sea Salt Flavor Guide

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Infused Black Garlic Salt-image

Infused Black Garlic Salt


Black Garlic Salt

Our Black Garlic Salt starts with JSC Kosher Sea Salt. We then infuse it with our house-fermented garlic, giving this superstar infusion a slightly sweet umami flavor that adds unexpected depth to practically anything. We love it on scrambled eggs, pasta, bagels with lox, or any dish that just needs a little something more.

Cold Soba Noodle Salad
Black Garlic Potatoes Au Gratin
Jook Three Ways
Infused Black Pepper Salt-image

Infused Black Pepper Salt


Black Pepper Salt

Our Black Pepper Salt starts with JSC Kosher Sea Salt. We then infuse it with freshly ground Tellicherry peppercorns for a bright, briny take on a quintessential classic combo. A vase of flowers is nice, but this may well end up being your table’s centerpiece. Finish a steak with it, add it to quiche, or dress up your fire-roasted corn on the cob.

Cacio e Pepe
Salt & Pepper Shrimp (or Squid)
Asparagus Quiche
Infused Black Garlic Ginger Salt-image

Infused Black Garlic Ginger Salt


Black Garlic Ginger Salt

Our Black Garlic Ginger Salt starts with JSC Kosher Sea Salt. We then infuse it with our house-fermented garlic and Burlap & Barrel’s Buffalo Ginger, an heirloom variety grown in Northern Vietnam, for a slightly sweet umami flavor with a punchy hit of ginger. Fancy up some fries, your go-to noodle soup, or season tofu, greens, and chicken.

Japanese-Style Yellow Curry
Shrimp Polenta
Gaby Melian's Winter Vegetable Stew
Infused Cherrywood Smoked Salt-image

Infused Cherrywood Smoked Salt


Cherrywood Smoked Salt

Our Cherrywood Smoked Salt starts with JSC Flake Sea Salt. We then infuse it by cold-smoking the salt with Cherrywood until we reach the pinnacle of smoky perfection. Add liberally, or not so liberally, to grilled salmon, fresh garden salads, or peaches and cream.

Smoked Salt Crudo
Pork Shoulder Bo Ssam
Infused Garlic Salt-image

Infused Garlic Salt


Garlic Salt

Our Garlic Salt starts with JSC Kosher Sea Salt. We then infuse it with a blend of ground and granulated garlic for a fresh take on mom’s old-school pantry staple. You may as well keep this one out on the counter because you're going to need it close at hand. It’s especially delicious on roasted chicken, crispy fingerling potatoes, and buttered dinner rolls.

Salmon Kimbap
Garlic Cheesy Bread
Clam Carbonara
Infused Habanero Salt-image

Infused Habanero Salt


Habanero Salt

Our Habanero Salt starts with JSC Kosher Sea Salt. We then infuse it with dried, ground habanero peppers or a smoky, spicy kick in the pants. Add some fire and excitement to grilled sweet corn, pork carnitas, or a spicy margarita.

Spicy Melon Salad
Spicy Mac 'n' Cheese
Infused Lemon Zest Salt-image

Infused Lemon Zest Salt


Lemon Zest Salt

Our Lemon Zest Salt starts with JSC Flake Sea Salt. We then infuse it with fresh lemon zest for a clean, concentrated citrus flavor that adds brightness to grilled fish, shaved fennel salad, blueberry pie, or any dish that would sing with a bit of zest.

Ranch-y Twice-Baked Potatoes
PNW-oise Salad
Zucchini Bread
Infused Pinot Noir Salt-image

Infused Pinot Noir Salt


Pinot Noir Salt

Our Pinot Noir Salt starts with JSC Flake Sea Salt. We then infuse it with Oregon Pinot Noir for a rich, aromatic salt with earthy undertones and notes of vanilla and sweet red fruit. Sprinkle over braised beef, pasta with marinara, or summer berries with ice cream.

Pink Toast
Chicken Liver Mousse
Braised Short Ribs
Infused Rosemary Salt-image

Infused Rosemary Salt


Rosemary Salt

Our Rosemary Salt starts with JSC Kosher Sea Salt. We then infuse it with fresh rosemary for an herbaceous, citrusy seasoning with all the aromas of a full-on Sunday supper. Add as much as you want to roasted lamb, homemade focaccia, and shortbread cookies.

Compound Butter
Rosemary Shortbread Cookies
Chicken & Dumplings
Infused White Truffle Salt-image

Infused White Truffle Salt


White Truffle Salt

Our White Truffle Salt starts with JSC Flake Sea Salt. We then infuse it with dried, ground Italian white truffle and a white truffle tincture. If you’re looking to bring powerful aromatics and big flavor to a dish, it won’t leave you hanging. Sprinkle it on seared beef tenderloin, grilled asparagus, and popcorn.

Grilled Beef
Mushroom Crostini

Premium Whiskey Salt

We're excited to bring back our collaboration with Uncle Nearest. Our Whiskey Salt brings together their Premium Aged Whiskey and our Pure Flake Sea Salt for a wonderfully spicy caramel bite and golden hue. Try this infusion with baked potatoes, in oatmeal raisin cookies, or sprinkled over your favorite meats.

JSC x Fly By Jing Tingly Sichuan Salt-image

JSC x Fly By Jing Tingly Sichuan Salt


Tingly Sichuan Salt

Zap your tastebuds with 54 hertz of Tribute Pepper tingle with this limited edition salt featuring Fly By Jing’s handpicked Sichuan Tribute Peppers and our Kosher Sea Salt. Sprinkle this magic as a finishing touch, use it as a dry rub, to rim a cocktail, or add it to your midday snack and let it light up every bite.

Seasoning Flavor Guide

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Loveski Everything Bagel Seasoning-image

Loveski Everything Bagel Seasoning


Everything Bagel Seasoning

No bagel necessary. Our Everything Bagel Seasoning is made with Loveski, a “jew-ish” deli born out of Northern California by Christopher and Martina Kostow. The shallots and garlic are a nod to Martina’s Thai heritage, with the larger seeds providing a Californian approach. Enjoy atop popcorn, avocado toast, ice cream, or straight from the jar.

Beet Salad with Horseradish Dill Yogurt
Fluffy Everything Pita Clouds



Furikake Seasoning

Crunchy, umami-rich, and highly habit-forming, furikake seasoning is a staple in many Japanese home kitchens, and we can’t stop putting it on everything. This recipe features our JSC Kosher Sea Salt and Oregon Dulse (seaweed), both sustainably harvested from the Oregon Coast. We then add in Wadaman sesame seeds, a bit of sugar, and a touch of dried mushrooms to liven it up.   

Furikake and Lox, Bagel or Bowl
Furikake Snack Mix
Onigiri with Jacobsen Co. Furikake
Ramen Seasoning-image

Ramen Seasoning


Ramen Seasoning

Jacobsen Co. Ramen Seasoning starts with JSC Fine Sea Salt. We then add ginger, garlic, white pepper and organic yeast extract to help take your ramen to the next level. Our seasoning is soy-free, so use it freely on fish, rice, sautéed vegetables and meats.

Ramen Seasoning Snack Mix
Umami Onion Bloom with Ramen Seasoning
Chicken Katsu Sandwich with Ramen Seasoning
Seafood Seasoning-image

Seafood Seasoning


Seafood Seasoning

Jacobsen Co. Seafood Seasoning starts with JSC Fine Sea Salt. We then add cayenne, bay leaves, ground mustard, cinnamon and allspice to bring a little heat to your favorite fish, crab, shrimp, crawfish or soup recipes. It can also be the secret ingredient in your famous Bloody Mary.

Mixed Citrus Michelada
Crab Stuffing with Seafood Seasoning
Grilled Fish Tacos with Hot Honey Crema
Steak Seasoning-image

Steak Seasoning


Steak Seasoning

Jacobsen Co. Steak Seasoning starts with JSC Kosher Sea Salt. We use the highest quality ingredients and spices to craft our signature blend, which will help you coax out the most exquisite flavors from your favorite cuts of steak, pork, or chicken.

Steak Seasoning Spiced Nut Mix
Bacon and Leek Stuffing
French Dip
Taco Seasoning-image

Taco Seasoning


Taco Seasoning

Jacobsen Co. Taco Seasoning starts with JSC Fine Sea Salt. We then add a not-so-delicate mix of peppers, smoked paprika and herbs to give tacos, burritos and quesadillas just the right amount of kick. But why stop at tacos? Use it to season pork, chili, or vegetables.

Breakfast Burrito with Crispy Potatoes
Cauliflower Steaks
One Big Nacho Platter
Turmeric Popcorn Seasoning-image

Turmeric Popcorn Seasoning


Turmeric Popcorn Seasoning

A recipe born in collaboration with Diaspora Co., our Turmeric Popcorn Seasoning starts with JSC Fine Sea Salt. We then add Diaspora Co.'s heirloom, single-origin Pragati turmeric and a healthy dose of nutritional yeast for umami and a bright, earthy flavor. Movie nights will never be the same.

Golden Popcorn with Honey Drizzle
Grain Salad with Turmeric Labneh
Spiced Cauliflower Vegan Mac 'n' Cheese

Coarse Salts & Peppercorns

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Pure Coarse Sea Salt Grinder-image

Pure Coarse Sea Salt Grinder


Coarse Sea Salt

Home to some of the world’s oldest operating saltworks, our coarse sea salt is harvested from open-air salt ponds in Trapani, Italy. Trapani’s unique climate lends itself to a saltmaking process that is aided by the convergence of clay-rich soil, cool Mediterranean breezes, and long days of intense sun.

Sourced Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder-image

Sourced Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder


Pink Himalayan Salt

Our Pink Himalayan Salt is harvested from ancient deposits in the Himalayas. Minimally processed with no additives, it’s non-GMO with a bright, clean flavor, natural pink coloring, and over 84 active minerals. Sprinkle it over popcorn, a fresh salad, or grilled fish.

Sourced Tellicherry Peppercorn Grinder-image

Sourced Tellicherry Peppercorn Grinder


Tellichery Peppercorns

Whether used whole or fresh cracked, our Tellicherry Peppercorns add beautiful aromatics, bright pepper flavor, and a hit of spice to everyday dishes. Use it in pasta sauces, salads, or to add a touch of heat to pickling and meat brines.