Mixed Citrus Michelada

Mixed Citrus Michelada

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Jacobsen Salt Co.

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Jun 17, 2020

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Seafood Seasoning


There are so many renditions of the beloved Michelada. Our recipe is testing the theory that it's all about balance. A little spicy n' salty Seafood Seasoning rim, followed by sweet tanginess so you're not overloaded. We hope it satisfies every taste bud!  

Makes 4 drinks


Juice and strain all citrus, and combine. On a shallow plate combine equal parts Kosher Sea Salt and Seafood Seasoning. Dip the lip of a chilled pint glass 1/2 inch into a bowl of water, then grind the rim of the wet glass into the shallow plate of salt and seasoning mixture. Fill glass with crushed ice. Pour 4oz of tomato juice over ice, add 2 1/2 oz citrus juice, 1/2 oz hot sauce, and stir. Top off with Mexican Lager - garnish with leftover sliced citrus as desired.