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Infused White Truffle Salt

$ 48.00
Large grain

Our flake salt infused with ground Italian white truffle and a white truffle tincture to bring powerful aromatics and big flavor to beef tenderloin, grilled asparagus, and popcorn.

Sea Salt, White Truffle

Net Wt. 2.46oz (70g)


    Sea Salt, White Truffle


    Net Wt. 2.46oz (70g)

      How Our Salt is Made

      1. Seawater is pumped from Netarts Bay

      2. Next, the seawater is pumped into large boil pots where it is reduced to a thick brine

      3. Using custom made pans, the brine is carefully heated creating beautiful flake sea salt

      4. The flakes are scooped from the pans and then put onto racks for drying

      5. Once dry, every flake of salt is hand-graded and sorted

      6. After sorting it's sent to our Portland facility for packaging and distribution.

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