Raw Blackberry Honey Jar – Willamette Valley, Oregon
Raw Blackberry Honey 1/2 Gallon – Willamette Valley, Oregon

Raw Blackberry Honey – Willamette Valley, Oregon

$ 13.00

Jacobsen Co. Honey began as a mission to maintain the art and science of beekeeping within local communities. Every variety of Jacobsen Co. Honey is single-origin, sustainably harvested, and never heated, treated, blended or ultra-filtered. Our pollen-rich Blackberry Honey is light and versatile with floral notes.

Note on price increase (10/6/22):  We are hearing about pricing increases across the global honey market. Ukraine is one of the world's largest honey producers and exporters, shortly followed by Russia. Due to the war, there is limited production or export from either country, which has caused the global demand for honey to increase. Because of its recognizable and approachable flavor profile and large production rate in Oregon, blackberry honey has been the replacement honey for many in the region this year, leading to increased interest and costs for this honey.


Willamette Valley, Oregon

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