Brûléed Oats with Fancy Toppings

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Leave the rain outside and embrace a drizzle of honey on these oats instead. This brûléed breakfast bowl displays all of the kitchen skills I’m willing to put to use before I’ve had my coffee, while also reminding me to peek into my cabinet for any lingering grains I’ve neglected throughout the year. A fancy take on morning oats, it’s sure to soothe your a.m. sweet-tooth without the syrup-soaked heft of pancakes or waffles.  

Recipe by Kourtney Paranteau

Serves 4



In a medium sized pot heat oat milk over medium-high heat until boiling. Add the single Disco di Sale disc, then add your oats and reduce your heat to medium-low and allow them to slowly soak up the liquid (about ten minutes). When the oats have mostly absorbed the milk, divide them evenly between four bowls. Liberally and uniformly sprinkle the surface of each bowl with sugar. Carefully brûlée each bowl’s sugar with a kitchen torch, moving your flame in slow, circular motions over the sugar until browned. Garnish with jam, nuts, Lemon Zest Salt, bee pollen, and lavender before drizzling with Raw Alfalfa Honey and serving.

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