About the Jacobsen Co. Hive Program

We’ve always strived to do more than just produce and source great honeys.

Since our beginning, we’ve set out to support the Northwest honeybee populations through sustainable beekeeping practices, partnering with local farms, restaurants and hotels to install some of our first hives.  With the help of many like-minded individuals, we've rethought and grown our beekeeping operation from a few installs to what it is today – a full-service hive program headquartered in Southeast Portland.

True to the Jacobsen mission, our way of “keeping the bees” centers around scientific research, natural practices and stewardship. This allows us to stay committed to the environment and thoughtfully improve and expand on our practices, all while producing raw and complex honeys unique to their specific locations.

Through the Jacobsen Co. Hive Program, we source, deliver and install bees and beehives to local residences and businesses. We offer maintenance and harvesting, as well as educational classes and consulting.  

What We Do


We deliver and assemble your hive woodenware and bees all in one day. As the colony grows over spring and summer, we install additional hive boxes as needed. Installations are available in Portland metro area.


Operating on an annual schedule, the most active maintenance period is spring through summer. We conduct hive inspections, feed the bees as needed, and take careful field notes until honey is ready for harvest. 


Honey harvest typically occurs between August and October. Harvest services will include honey extraction and packaging of your honey. Honeys remain raw, never heated, blended or ultra-filtered. 


Our team is available for field classes, lectures, and one-on-one consultations. Consultation is tailored to your needs, from beginner beekeeping questions to pollinator-friendly landscaping advice or wild swarm capture. 

Learn More

Contact us at honey@jacobsensalt.com for more information on how to get involved with our hive program.