Fishwife x JSC Lemon Zest Salt Slide Tin

The Picnic Pal

Say hello to our latest limited-edition slide tin, featuring Fishwife's playful illustration style inspired by Netarts Bay and our Infused Lemon Zest Salt! This travel-ready slide tin is your companion for summer adventures, especially where picnicking and snacking are plentiful.


Outdoor Cooking Made Easy

Grilling Trio

$ 35

This tried-and-true grilling trio will give you everything you need to season, marinate, and finish for your next barbecue.

    Grilling Trio

    Know The Grain

    We believe in great salt every day. Whether you are an experienced chef or just starting out in the kitchen, knowing how to stock your pantry with the right ingredients is essential.

    Oregon Made-icon Oregon Made

    Our largest grain, with pyramidal-shaped flakes that are bright and briny, with a delicate texture and crunch. Perfect for finishing any dish before serving, savory or sweet.

    Bright & Briny-icon Bright & Briny

    Coarser-grained crystals with a delicate, fluffy texture and a clean, briny flavor. This salt is perfect for everyday cooking, roasting, brining, pickling, and seasoning.

    Italian Sea-icon Italian Sea

    Our finest grain, consisting of small, uniform crystals with a clean, bright salinity. This salt is a versatile ingredient used for cooking, baking, and seasoning.

    How Our Salt Is Made