Bubbly Ghia Greyhound

Bubbly Ghia Greyhound

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Jacobsen Salt Co.

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Dec 07, 2023

  • 2 oz Ghia, Original Aperitif
  • 2 oz sparkling grapefruit juice (preferably Betty Buzz)
  • ½ tsp agave (or to taste)
  • Whole nutmeg, freshly grated
  • Pinch of Infused Lemon Zest Salt

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Infused Lemon Zest Salt


A classic drink featuring Ghia, a non-alcoholic aperitif made with fresh ingredients. This take feels extra festive for the holidays with the use of sparkling grapefruit juice and freshly grated nutmeg. It’s vibrant, tart, slightly bitter yet balanced, and oh-so-refreshing!

Recipe and Photos by: JSC Kitchen, Carter Hiyama


Stir together Ghia, sparkling grapefruit juice, and agave. Pour in a lowball glass on the rocks. Garnish with a pinch of Infused Lemon Zest Salt and freshly grated nutmeg to taste.